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Friday, June 05 2015 01:15 PM
Cold call preprepared script talking at me trying to sell me a free solar power system (Yeah right) - however I simply asked for her to repeat the company name (so I could write it donw) and she hung up.

I didnt even get the chance to tell them they were breaking the law as we are TPS registered, but doubt they would give a damn in any case
Saturday, May 23 2015 07:14 AM
Tom called from this company asking to speak to the home owner. When asked which home owner he said he was selling Green Energy. I asked if his company had been given permission to call, he carried on with his patter. I then informed him that his company was breaking the law as we were protected by the TPS. He hung up.
Wednesday, March 18 2015 08:42 AM
I answered phone and caller wasn't ready to talk to me and was chatting away to somebody else! Very annoying, disrepctful and rude. Told many times before to bog off (nicely) in the past.
Tuesday, March 17 2015 10:01 AM
Cold call, very persistent and insulting stating I was narrow minded.

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