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Bournemouth, Poole, Ferndown, Wimborne Minster, Verwood

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Thursday, April 17 2014 06:26 AM
Yes. Who the heck is it. My mother said she has the same problem every day. No one speaks. I phoned the number back too and got an automated voice. Mans voice. No company name given. Absolutely red oculus. I think these companies just dial a random number and if it rings they try again and again. Ex directory or not. Buggers!
Monday, February 03 2014 04:43 PM
I have had a number of calls a day too. No one talks or answers my questions. Who the hell is it. Which company are they and how did they get my number which is ex directory
Wednesday, November 27 2013 01:50 PM
This number keeps calling me. When I call back I get no answer. Just what appears to sound like a call centre. The person who answers the phone just breathes down the phone and sneezes as well as coughs. Seems very strange to me. But it calls a number of times a day, it's very annoying and frustrating.
Monday, November 18 2013 12:46 PM
Have no idea who this caller is. When I redial the number I get an automated system with absolutely no explanation as to who they are. Just thanks for calling back, a member of our team will now help you with your enquiries. It's a local number but have absolutely no idea as to who this company is and why they keep bothering me. They ring 10 times a day. Its ridiculous and very annoying.

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