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Kim Pain
Monday, July 13 2015 06:38 PM
Over the last week they have called my mobile 16 times. I have been so annoyed by these people calling me about an accident I had (a minor bump) in my car, that I have blocked all calls from numbers that are not on my contacts list. I am on the TPS list which is a joke, as when I pointed this out to those that occasionally get through on my home phone ( which I cannot block) they apologise and say they won't call again and my number will be removed, but I still get pestered. Now I don't answer Withheld numbers and International. What else can I do?
Thursday, February 26 2015 06:42 AM
Unspecified accident claim company,. I've now had this one twice.
The first time they wanted to know about how injured I was in my recent accident - that I hadn't had.
No idea how they got hold of my mobile number.
Seems to be phishing or speculative claim scam.

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